In our capacity as members of Fortuna Advisory Group, we believe that financial understanding and security are keys that enable people to transform their dreams into reality. In life, however, some people dare to dream.

Coming from different socio-economic backgrounds, we have come across people with genuine financial struggles in life; and worse when such struggles lead to hunger, sickness, illiteracy and abuse. We know we can’t change the world in a day but step by step, we intend to make a difference – difference to the lives of those who are less by standing beside them through our humble activities and to our own by setting examples for our children to see and become better human beings in life.

As Ernest Hemingway once wrote, there is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self’. Fortuna Foundation is our humble way of trying to live by our virtues and be noble by sharing the gift of life with those who have lesser of it.


Dinesh Aggarwal
Founder & MD
Fortuna Advisory Group
Mili Aggarwal
Director, Infinity WM
(subsidiary of Fortuna Advisory Group)
Melvyn Gilbert


The sole purpose of Fortuna Foundation is to pursue charitable purposes.

We aim for people to come together with us and help those less fortunate by standing beside them through poverty and sickness; and not give up until we have made a difference. Our activities are aimed to help alleviate POVERTY AMONG CHILDREN, HOMELESS, SICK, AGED AND DISABLED PEOPLE such as

  • Undertaking Projects in the area of public welfare. Such projects are aimed to create long term value propositions for people in need and could be done in collaboration with other organisations as well.
  • Providing Services or supporting those in need, through provision of food, swags, medicines and education to children from marginalised families.
  • Provision of Grants for research in the area of public welfare and/ or for other educational purposes to candidates from marginalised families

In addition to the above, we aim to influence others to help fulfil the needs of the community by

  • Creating Awareness through events and programs held across community institutions and organisations


Fortuna Foundation is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Non-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) and is accorded the DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status by Australian Taxation Office.

Any donations made to Fortuna Foundation over $2 are tax deductible

ACN: 616 239 402
ABN: 35616239402