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Why the project?
Clean clothes and bedding, we believe forms an essential part of human health and a positive growth in persons dignity. The aim of 'Positive Spin' is to cover the gap that currently exists in this area by providing free mobile laundry services to the homeless and disadvantaged people of Perth and surrounding areas.
In time, we hope to expand to other locations as well. We can't change the world in a day but hope our little contribution goes a far way in exuding happiness, hygiene and humanity.

The Mobile Laundry Van
Will be self-contained with two washing machines and two clothes dryers. Owing to the difficulty of coming by proper power configurations at the venues where they will be parked and serviced from, the vans will also have a generator fitted in. Water will be sourced from the partnering organisation.

Its Operation
As typical wash and dry cycle will take about 1 hr, we will be work working in conjunction with other community groups/ churches who provide services such as food kitchens. For the duration of the wash cycle, we hope to have simple conversations, have a cup of coffee and share stories.

The van will be driven to designated premises at designated times by the team or volunteers based on a pre-prepared roster. The message and timings will be communicated through various churches and institutions around the areas besides flyers being distributed among the homeless as well.

The budget has been worked it and an estimated $60,000 will be required for the first van. This money is being raised through corporate sponsorships and donations. To discuss corporate sponsorships options, call us at 9240 4211 or simply donate towards the cause by clicking the Donate button below.

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